Rick Martel

Professional Wrestler

Career 1973-1999

Who is Rick Martel?

Rick Martel, real name Richard Vigneault, was a professional wrestler best known for his time in both the WWF (WWE) and AWA. He was a multi-time WWF/WWE and NWA tag team champion as well as AWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Born: March 18, 1956

Quebec City, Quebec


3x WWF Tag-Champs (with Tony Garea (2x) and Tito Santana) 1980-1981, 1987

AWA World Heavyweight Champion (defeating Nick Bockwinkel) 1984-1985

Career Highlights

Tag Teams/Characters

Tag Team with Tony Garea 1980-1982 WWF

Singles Wrestler 1982-1986 AWA

Tag Team with Tom Zenk (Can-Am Connection) 1986-87 WWF

Tag Team with Tito Santana (Strike Force) 1987-89 WWF

Singles Wrester Rick The Model Martel 1989-95 WWF

Other Pro Wrestling Promotions

IWCCW - 1994-97

WCW - 1998

Hawaiian Islands Wrestling Federation - 1999

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Rick Martel's matches can be found in the WWE Library including his matches at Wrestlemania III through V, VII, VIII and X. Martel can also be found in the inaugural season of Raw as well.

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Rick The Model Martel

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (2015)

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